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admin Apr 15
Here, in our Forum. Our successful members will post testimonials about how they met, wedding pictures, wedding clips, updates on their new baby, home purchases, baptismal..., whatever they like!

Also, they will also share courtship and marriage advice.

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jabria311 VIP
jabria311 Apr 15
Our Success Story: House of Magan! 

Hi I'm Michelle  and I'm an Admin of Shalom.  Magan and I met in the Shalom Group, when one of the other admins made a post asking for everyone's location. He dropped his location and I dropped mines. We talked and got to know each other via phone before meeting and we hit it off from there!

We have had our challenges, but counseling helped us see the true Torah vision of marriage and we didn't give up. We live about 150 miles away but we didn't let that stop us!

We got married on March 29th, 2020. Praise Yah!

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